Zirm / Schwarz dominate Senior I Standard

Standard und Latein

Zirm / Schwarz dominate Senior I Standard

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

A high number of 62 couples entered the Ranking List competition of Senior I Standard. 56 couples danced the first round on Sunday morning in front of the already numerous audience. The excitement increased when six exempted couples entered the competition in the second round.

Seven couples were recalled into the final by the judges, out of these two couples who danced this competition from the first round. Christian Lang / Martina Bruhns was one of these couples and with a difference of one point ahead, they finished sixth ahead of Carsten and Alexandra Petsch. The second couple without exemption was Sebastian Spörl / Kristina Rodionova who finished fifth. Jörg Gutmann / Dr. Isabel Matthes, fifth on the last German Championship, improved their result at Hessen tanzt and finished fourth. Victor Fischer / Alexandra Rehn also moved up one place compared to their result from last year and finished third. German Vice Champions Thorsten Strauß / Alma Marit Herrmann were placed third only in Slowfox, therefore their runners-up position was not in danger. Only four first placings Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz had to give to their fellow competitors, therefore defending their title was not a problem.

  1. Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz, TSZ Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (5)
  2. Thorsten Strauß / Alma Marit Herrmann, TSA im VfL Pinneberg (11)
  3. Victor Fischer / Alexandra Rehn, Gelb-Schwarz-Casino München (14)
  4. Jörg Gutmann / Dr. Isabel Matthes, TC Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz (21)
  5. Sebastian Spörl / Kristina Rodionova, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (24)
  6. Christian Lang / Martina Bruhns, Bielefelder TC Metropol (32)
  7. Carsten and Alexandra Petsch, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (33)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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