Yatsun siblings win Youth Standard

Standard und Latein

Yatsun siblings win Youth Standard

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

The couples in Youth A class who also dance Standard had to return to the floor Sunday morning at 11.00. This year only 28 couples entered the competition. Since only one couple from the last German Championship final entered, five other couples wanted to take the remaining places in the final.

Nikita and Elisabeth Yatsun (TSC Saltation Neustadt im TV 1860 Mußbach) were clear favourites. Although with many mixed results, they won all five dances. Since there are no open markings at Ranking List competition nobody could see how different the markings were. With placings from one to five, but with sum of places 11, Arseni Pavlov / Nicole Balski (btc Grün-Gold der TG in Berlin 1848) were runners-up. Being second in the Quickstep and four third places, Krisztian Kulják / Franziska Holweg (TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg) were third. Georgi Enchev / Elina Geller (TSZ Stuttgart-Feuerbach) received also the whole range of placings and finished fourth. Their fellow competitors from the same club danced the second Ranking List final within few hours and finished fifth, ahead of Daniel Lepski / Juliane Aschenbrenner (ATC Blau-Gold in der TSG 1845 Heilbronn) on the sixth place.

1. Nikita and Elisabeth Yatsun, TSC Saltatio Neustadt im TV 1860 Mußbach (5)
2. Arseni Pavlov / Nicole Balski, btc Grün-Gold der TG in Berlin 1848 (11)
3. Krisztian Kulják / Franziska Holweg, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (14)
4. Georgi Enchev / Elina Geller, Tanzsportzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach (20)
5. Michael Ziga / Victoria Sauerwald, Tanzsportzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach (25)
6. Daniel Lepski / Juliane Aschenbrenner, ATC Blau-Gold in der TSG 1845 Heilbronn (30)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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