World Championship Senior II Standard in Belek/Turkey

Standard und Latein

World Championship Senior II Standard in Belek/Turkey

First and Second place at World Open Latin in Elblag for Germany

As part of the „Gloria Senior Open“, the Open World Championship Senior II Standard took place on October 15th, 2016 in Belek, Turkey

Although it was an Open World Championship, the number of participating couples was lower than expected. Many couples did not participate due to concerns about their security. Out of 39 entering couples, two German couples were recalled into the semifinal: Bernhard and Sonja Fuss finished 10th, Konstantin and Corina Maletz 12th.

On the Open competition the following day, both couples made it into the final and changed their placing: Maletz were third followed by Fuss on the fourth place. At the Senior III competition, all medal ranks were taken by Germany: Gerhard Baier / Ingrid Cloos-Baier were first, followed by Michael Müller / Elke Rüttler as runners-up and Mandred and Traude Dort on the third place.

At the Youth Latin competition, Alexander Maier / Vanessa Kotschetkov were third. Horst and Birgit Eva Retzer were sixth in the competition of Senior II Latin. Christian and Veronika Schauer finished sixth at the Senior I Standard.


WDSF competitions in Elblag, Poland:

In Elblag, Poland, the first two places went to Germany in the World Open Latin competition: Maxim Stepanov / Ksenya Rybina won, followed by Marek Bures / Anastasija Iermolenko Khadjeh-Nouri as runners-up. Dirk Keller / Heidemarie Schulz won the Senior III Standard competition. Rene and Katrin Agater were recalled into the final of Senior II Latin and finished sixth.

by Peter Chen Uhr

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