World Championship Latin in China: Germany on third and fourth place

Standard und Latein

World Championship Latin in China: Germany on third and fourth place

In the Dujiangyan Feilong Sports Centre in Chengdu, China, 74 couples danced at the WDSF World Championship Latin, out of them also the German Champion and Vice Champion. Already around lunch time the President of the DTV Heidi Estler reported a well packed hall and a great atmosphere.

In the evening, the hall with a capacity of 4000 was sold out. There was an exciting atmosphere, not only in the German corner, because both couples danced easily their way into the semifinal. Both the German Champions Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska and Runners-up Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova presented themselves well.

By a remarkable distance to the next couple, last years’ winners representing Moldova, Goffredo / Matus defended their title, Balan / Moshenska were runners-up after the first dance, but were unable to defend this placing in the following dances. Tsaturyan / Gudyno were runners-up again. Tanzsport Deutschland finished third and fourth. The second couple from Russia Simachev / Klokotova were again recalled into the final placed ahead of Schmitt / Salikhova from France.

Final World Championship Latin:
1. Gabriele Goffredo/Anna Matus, Moldova
2. Armen Tsaturyan/Svetlana Gudyno, Russia
3. Marius- Andrei Balan/Khrystyna Moshenska, Germany
4. Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova, Germany
5. Yury Simachev/Anastasia Klokotova, Russia
6. Charles-Guillaume Schmitt/Elena Salikhova, France

by Peter Chen Uhr

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