West Regional Championships

Standard und Latein

West Regional Championships

Dimitru Doga/Sarah Ertmer

The TSC Mondial in Cologne hosted the Regional Championships 10 Dance. Already by early noon the Championships started, which included also the State Championship Senior IV B-S Standard. 11 couples danced in the Junior II B category.

By winning all five Standard dances and five second places in Latin, Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin's performance was convincing and they became Regional Champions.

Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin also danced in Youth A and took home their second title on that day. 8 couples danced in Senior A/S 10 dance. After two rounds, Dennis Pieske / Tanja Pieske-Hermsdorf representing TSZ Velbert were the happy winners.

In the Adults, Dimitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer from Düssedorf stood out from the very beginning. They didn’t drop a single of 40 possible placings and more than justified their role as favourites, winning again the Title of Regional Champion 10 Dance.

All results : www.tnw.de

Junior II B 10 Dance:

  1. Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin – Art of Dance, Köln
  2. David Jenner / Elisabeth Tuigunov – Die Residenz Münster
  3. Alessandro Novikau / Anastasija Dittmar – TSC Aurora Dortmund
  4. Markus Mütt / Kathrin Klass – Grün-Gold-Casino Wuppertal
  5. Daniel Müller / Anna Gommer – Bielefelder TC Metropol
  6. Dmitrij Golub / Michele Mühlig – Grün-Gold-Casino Wuppertal

Youth A 10 Dance:

  1. Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin – Art of Dance, Köln
  2. Igor Getz / Dana Kober – TSC Dortmund
  3. Nicolai Brusser / Simone Reicher – Art of Dance, Köln
  4. Dmitrij Golub / Michele Mühlig – Grün-Gold-Casino Wuppertal

Adult 10 Dance:

  1. Dimitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer – TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß
  2. Philip Andrawes / Virginia Lesniak- Art of Dance, Köln
  3. Roman Schumichin / Maria Maksina – Art of Dance, Köln
  4. Igor Getz / Dana Kober – TSC Dortmund

Senior A/S 10 Dance:

  1. Dennis Pieske / Tanja Pieske-Hermsdorf – TSZ Velbert
  2. Timo Verhoeven / Isabell Verhoeven – TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven
  3. Luis-Daniel Assis da Silva / Beate Gneuß – TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven
  4. Michael Beckmann / Bettina Cornelia – TGC Porz
  5. Michael Kemmann / Sandra Kemmann – TSG Balance Wesel
  6. Robert Soencksen / Silvia Soencksen – TGC Porz

by Peter Chen Uhr

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