Under 21 World Championship 10 Dance in Wetzlar

Standard und Latein

Under 21 World Championship 10 Dance in Wetzlar

Title by a small margin for Poland

46 couples representing 20 countries danced in the Stadthalle Wetzlar on September 24th for the title of Under 21 World Champion 10 Dance. Out of them also ten couples representing Germany. In the national ranking, Michael Ziga / Victoria Sauerwald took the lead, unfortunately they only finished 23rd. After the first round the WDSF judging system 2.1. was used, twelve adjudicators were employed.

In the final three couples competed for the very top. After every dance the ranking changed a little bit. In the end, Mateusz Brozowski / Justyna Mozdzonek (Poland) won by a margin of some hundredth points. Runners-up were Denis Gudovsy / Megija Dana Morite (Lithuania). With a distance shorter than one point, Alexandr Ryabtsev / Maria Obalakova (Russia) were third, followed by their fellow countrymen Victor Bychov / Alina Atamanchuk. Alexandru Munteanu / Anne Bezusenco (Romania) were fifth by a narrow margin, followed by Samuel Hacke / Katarina Hermanov (USA) on sixth place.

1. Mateusz Brozowski / Justyna Mozdzonek, Poland (295,070)
2. Denis Gudovsy / Megija Dana Morite, Lithuania (294,614)
3. Alexandr Ryabtsev / Maria Obalakova, Russia (293,357)
4. Victor Bychov / Alina Atamanchuk, Russia (277,462)
5. Alexandru Munteanu / Anne Bezusenco, Romania (274,839)
6. Samuel Hacke / Katarina Hermanov, USA (274,586)

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by Peter Chen Uhr

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