Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz: Title defended

Standard und Latein

Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz: Title defended

German Championship Senior I Standard

It was a first for the German Championship Senior to be organized only in the afternoon. The reason was a foreseeable low number of participating couples.

Although 59 couples danced in the Regional Championships, only 39 couples came to the National one – at least the same number as last year.

Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz won their fourth national title by taking all single first places. While it was the fifth German Championship for the couple from Darmstadt, Victor Fischer / Alexandra Rehn danced their second one. After a fourth place the year before, they finished runners-up this year. On their third Championship together, Thorsten Strauß / Alma Marit Herrmann finished on the medal ranks again and were third. The other places went to couples who hadn’t danced a German National final before.

1. Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz, TSZ Blau-Gold Casino Darmstadt (5)
2. Victor Fischer / Alexandra Rehn, Gelb-Schwarz-Casino München (11)
3.Thorsten Strauß / Alma Marit Herrmann, TSA im VfL Pinneberg (15)
4. Maksim Tschernin / Carolin Scheithauer, Gelb-Schwarz-Cas. München (20)
5. Andreas Lippok / Klaudyna Borewicz, TC Royal Oberhausen (24)
6. Christian Lang / Martina Bruhns, Bielefelder TC Metropol (30)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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