Team Germany and Canada jubilating

Jazz und Modern/Contemporary

Team Germany and Canada jubilating

IDO World Championship Ballet/Jazz- and Modern Dance in Wetzlar

Ten finals and two medals for Team Germany

The World Championship started with the ballet competitions in the categories Solo/Duo/Group and Formations. The first dancer started in the town hall in Wetzlar at 9 o’clock in the morning, the last award ceremony finished 12 hours later. The day included 15 finals and in the end auf the award ceremonies it was predominantly the Canadian national anthem that could be listened.

Siblings Brebeck/Photo: Robert Panther

There was not only elation for the Canadian dancers, who got 26 medals in the beginning of the World Championship, but also for Team Germany. Nearly exclusively the finals and medals went to representatives of the ASV Wuppertal.

The siblings Kyra-Anna and Louisa-Sophie Brebeck were rewarded with the silver medal in the category Dou Adults. In the Solo section the World Champion Louisa-Sophie Brebeck received the 4th place and so had to give her title to Aisha Simpson, Canada. Hendrik Hebben, TSC Blau-Gold Saarlouis, finished 5th in the Solo Men. There were also two exceptional participations in the finals: The siblings Valentina-Emilia and Lea-Sophie Wiesner (Tanzhaus “ad libitum”, Halle an der Saale) ranked 6th in the final of the category Duo Juniors Ballet, that consisted of seven couples. Sophie Lisson/Lena Oed (Tanzschule Lepehne Herbst) were also happy about their participation in the final and the 6th place.

In the afternoon the competitions of the Groups and Formations started. Here all the gold and silver medals went to Canada. So the elation in the German camp was big when “Arabesque” were given the second medal in this World Championship because of their 3rd place in the category Groups Adults. The children formation “Chocolat Ballett” were placed 4th, the smaller version of “Chocolat Ballett” finished their final of seven groups in the category Groups Children with the 6th place. In the category Junior Formation “Pirouette Ballett”, also from Wuppertal, ranked 6th as well in their final of seven formations.

On Monday, 24.10.16, the quarter- and semi-finals in the section Modern and Jazz took place, the finals were held on Tuesday in the Rittal Arena being the last competitions of this World Championship.

All final results from Sunday

The overall results can be seen at the pages of WM JMD 2016 or IDO

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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