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Standard and Latin

Team 13 in Milan

Czeke/Dzumaev winning ranking list competition

Cseke/Dzumaev and Dumitrescu/Joos with the German National Coach Horst Beer (photo: private).

Zsolt Sandor Cseke/Malika Dzumaev left the floor as winner of the competition in Milan and – cheered by the whole Team 13 – were happy about the victory. Razvan Dumitrescu/Jacqueline Joos reached the final as well; they finished 4th. Lars Erik Pastor/Natalia Szypulska ranked 11th in the semi-final.

Sonja Schäufler

Vinzenz Dörltz/Albena Daskalova reached the final in the WDSF Rising Stars Latin competition and finished 4th.

Roland Tines/Heidrun Puskas made it to the final of the Senior I Standard competition.

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