Sun Dance Festival – WDSF Youth Latin

Standard und Latein

Sun Dance Festival – WDSF Youth Latin

The second day already started at 9 o´clock. On floor C, the floor for the WDSF competitions, the couples in the age class Youth of the Latin section started their competition. 59 couples were dancing for reaching the round of the last six. In the final five nations were dancing. The victory went to Israel. Daniel Medvedovsky/Michelle Nazarenus only gave the jive to the only German couple in the final, Daniel Schmuck/Veronika Obholz.

The third place went to Poland in front of the winner of the Standard section from Saturday from Lithuania. The final was completed by two Slovakian couples.

1. Daniel Medvedovsky/Michelle Nazarenus, ISR (6,0)
2. Daniel Schmuck/Veronika Obholz, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (12,0)
3. Dawid Podgajny/Ewa Korpak, POL (14,0)
4. Einoras Degutis/Areta Seskaite, LTU (20,0)
5. Filip Buransky/Katerina Stefkova, SVK (24,0)
6. Radovan Kurinec/Eliska Lencesova, SVK (29,0)

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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