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Sun Dance Festival – WDSF Junior II B Standard

With 50 couples the fourth and last WDSF competition of the 18th Summer Dance Festival started on Sunday afternoon. While in the semi-final still eight different nations were dancing, the final consisted of couples from seven nations. The victory went to Kamil Bochenek/Ilona Sak from Poland. Four German couples reached the semi-final, Daniel Müller/Anna Gommer (Bielefelder TC Metropol) were the only German couple in the final.

Sonja Schäufler

1. Kamil Bochenek/Ilona Sak, Polen (6,0)
2. Danila Sitovs/Skaiste Svajone Jazilionyte, Litauen (9,0)
3. Vladislav Zhigarev/Diana Epeykina, Russland (16,0)
4. Aliaksandr Shvaibovich/Palina Tsikhamirava, Weißrussland (19,0)
5. Sevastjans Sergejevs/Everita Klavina, Lettland (26,0)
6. Gustav Imanuel Skovbon/Amalie Aune, Dänemark (30,0)
7. Daniel Müller/Anna Gommer, Deutschland (34,0)

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