Sun Dance Festival – WDSF Junior II B Latin

Standard und Latein

Sun Dance Festival – WDSF Junior II B Latin

In the Junior II B Latin competition 73 of the 84 announced couples were starting. In the final the “podium” of the German Championship was dancing next to two Russian and one Lithuanian couple. In the end the result was as tight as possible in favour of the Lithuanian couple Daniel Sitovs/Skaiste Svajone Jazilionyte.

They won the first three dances in front of the vice champions Nikita Gross/Juliane Engelke. Place four stayed in Berlin with Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez. Place three and five went to Russia, while the third German couple, Christian Holweg/Anna-Marie Starikova, completed the final.

1. Danila Sitovs/Skaiste Svajone Jazilionyte, LTU (7,0)
2. Nikita Gross/Juliane Engelke, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (9,0)
3. Maxim Lozitsky/Victoria Belkina, RUS (14,5)
4. Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez, btc Grün-Gold der TiB 1848 (21,5)
5. Vladislav Zhigarev/Diana Epeykina, RUS (24,0)
6. Christian Holweg/Anna-Marie Starikova, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (29,0)

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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