Successes at competitions in Croatia, Luxembourg and Romania

Standard und Latein

Successes at competitions in Croatia, Luxembourg and Romania

In Bertrage (Luxembourg), Novalja (Croatia) and Sibiu (Romania) various couples representing Tanzsport Germany successfully entered World Ranking List Competitions.

At the World Open Latin competition in Croatia, Lars Erik Pastor / Natalia Szypulska finished tenth in the semifinal. Christian and Veronika Schauer were fourth at the Senior I Standard.

In Luxembourg, Artur Balandin / Anna Salita were recalled into the final of the World Open Latin competition and finished third. Eurgen Plotnikov / Sophie Schütz danced in the final of Rising Stars Latin and finished fifth. Engin Önder / Sonja Schäufler were runners-up at the Senior I. In the Senior II Latin competition with 12 couples, three quarter of them represented the DTV. The places three to six in the final were all from Germany: Achim and Kerstin Hobl (3rd), Marc Becker / Nicole Giersbeck (4th), Rolf and Iris Pernat (5th) and Thomas Schlehufer / Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher (6th).

Nikita Goncharov / Alina Siranya Muschalik made the semifinal of the International Open Standard competition and finished eleventh. At the Rising Stars Standard competition Mihai Ovidiu / Carina Löffler finished fourth, followed by Tobias Soencksen / Angi Solymosi on fifth. At the Senior I Standard, Roland Tines / Heidrun Puskas were sixth. Peter and Miriam Pfeiffer were third at Senior II Standard. This competition was organized for a second time the following days. With a higher number of couples, Peter and Miriam Pfeiffer improved their rank and were runners-up, Wolfgang Lauer / Michaela Rothländer were next to the final as seventh, Ralf and Stella Lämmermeier were shared ninth.

Also Senior III Standard was offered twice. On the first day Alexander Hick / Petra-Alexander Lessmann were runners-up, Dirk Keller / Heidemarie were fourth. In the semifinal Hans-Jürgen Gallo / Astrid winter were tenth, Götz Bierbaum / Maren Müller-Bierbaum were eleventh. On the second occasion of Senior III Standard Alexander Hick / Petra-Alexandra Lessmann were runners-up again. In a final of seven of Senior IV Standard, Heinrich and Monika Schmitz finished sixth.

At the World Open Latin competition in Sibiu, Romania, Cseke Zsolt Sandor / Malika Dzumaev were third out of 55 couples.

by Peter Chen Uhr

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