Stepanov / Rybina win Ranking List in Nuremberg

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Stepanov / Rybina win Ranking List in Nuremberg

24 couples entered the Ranking List in Nuremberg, before the beginning of the competition 5 withdrew, so there were 19 couples competing on Sunday.

During the competition the withdrawals continued. Four couples withdrew after the first dance due to injuries, after the first round another couple followed.

After the first shock, the audience decided to support the remaining couples even more to give them the best possible competition atmosphere. The couples thanked them by performing the Latin American Dances at the best possible level.

By taking all single first placings, Maxim Stepanov / Ksenya Rybina representing Schwarz-Weiß-Pforzheim, won the competition.

The result of the final:

1. Maxim Stepanov / Ksenya Rybina, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim
2. Eugen Plotnikov / Sophie Schütz, TSC Saltatio Neustadt im TV 1860 Mußbach
3. Alexander Horn / Valeria Jäger,TSC dancepoint Königsbrunn
4. Jan Albeck / Alice Ligouis, 1. TC Ludwigsburg
5. Benedikt Seidler / Sandra Schüssler, TSC dancepoint Königsbrunn
6. Domenico Franzo / Alexandra Mavlutova,Tanzsportzentrum Calw

 The complete result can be found here 

by Peter Chen Uhr

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