Segatori / Sudol win Grand Slam in Hongkong

Standard und Latein

Segatori / Sudol win Grand Slam in Hongkong

WDSF Results June 4th/5th

Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol made the turn-around: at the Grand Slam Standard in Hongkong they won clearly against their long-term rival Dmitry Zharkov / Olga Kulikova. In the end the German Champions were one point ahead of the Russian Champions.

Anton Skuratov / Alona Uehlin were recalled into the semifinal of the Grand Slam Standard and finished tenth. Dumitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer finished 20th. Anatoliy Noveselov / Tasja Novoselov-Schulz (27th) and Valentin and Renata Lusin (28th) were left out of the quarter final.

In the Grand Slam Latin competition, the best two couples representing the DTV danced in the final: Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska finished third, behind Goffredo / Matus and Tsaturyan / Gudyno. Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova finished fourth. Maxim Stepanov / Ksenya Rybina missed out the semifinal and finished 15th. As well in the quarterfinal were Zsolt Cseke Sandor / Malika Dzumaev (19th) and Marek Bures / Anastasija Iermolenko Khadjeh-Nouri (20th).

Razvan Dumitrescu / Jacqueline Joos were travelling a lot and they were recalled into two finals: in Timisoara, Romania they danced in the final of the International Open Latin competition and finished sixth. In Kosice, Slovakia, they danced again on the following day and were runners-up at the International Open there.

At Senior II Standard in Kosice, Dirk and Fabienne Regitz were recalled into the final. Marc Becker / Nicole Giersbeck finished sixth at Senior II Latin. Thomas Schlehufer / Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher finished tenth.

The Open World Championship Senior II Latin took place in Kosice as well. Five German couples were dancing in the quarterfinal: Dirk and Fabienne Regitz (16th), Marc Becker / Nicole Giersbeck (17th), Thomas Schlehufer / Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher (shared 19th), Achim Hobl / Kerstin Hahn (shared 22nd) and Thorsten and Gudrun Brechmann (25th) were among the best 25 couples of the World Championship. Unfortunately they were all not recalled into the semifinal of 13.

by Peter Chen Uhr

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