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Rösler / Rusher new German Champions Senior I 10 Dance

Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher (Photo: Bolcz)

The German Championship Senior I 10 Dance promised to be exciting since last years’ winners changed to Senior II and therefore didn’t compete.

Peter Chen

Prize presentation German Cup Senior I 10 Dance (Photo: Bolcz)

Four – the number of the day. Four out of 14 couples danced in Senior II as well. Four of last years’ finalists were recalled into this years’ final as well. Four dances were won by the winners. For Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher, who have only recently started dancing in the Senior category, the Viennese Waltz was their weakest dance, finishing third. Runners-up and the third place were defended from last year: Gergely Darabos / Stefanie Werner, followed by Jörg Gutmann / Dr. Ingrid Matthes, Due to their good result in Latin Luis-Daniel Assis da Silva / Beate Gneuß finished one point ahead of Martin Lutz / Sabine Meusel, who moved up one place. Dennis Pieske / Tanja Pieske-Hermsdorf completed this final of six.

1. Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher, Askania - TSC Berlin (17)
2. Gergely Darabos / Stefanie Werner, btc Grün-Gold der Turngemeinde in Berlin 1848 (24)
3. Jörg Gutmann / Dr. Isabel Matthes, TC Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz (33)
4. Luis-Daniel Assis da Silva / Beate Gneuß, TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven (41)
5. Martin Lutz / Sabine Meusel, 1. TSC Frankfurt/Oder (42)
6. Dennis Pieske / Tanja Pieske-Hermsdorf, Tanz-Sport-Zentrum Velbert (53)

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