Results from The Nook Championship in Noordhoek

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Results from The Nook Championship in Noordhoek

In Noordhoek in the Netherlands a traditional competition took place: "The Nook Championship". The competition is offered to the couples of the adult and senior classes in Latin and Standard. The competition of Senior I Latin was cancelled, but the one of Senior III Standard took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Viktor Valentin Les/Kristina Breisch were happy about the 2nd place in Noordhoek. (photo: private)

Ralf and Stella Lämmermeier won the Senior II Standard competition out of 30 couples. Rolf and Iris Pernat joined them in the final finishing 4th in this competition.

Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Lessmann ranked 2nd in the Senior III Standard competition. Franz-Josef and Lioba Kirchhoff were placed 4th in front of Dirk Keller/Heidemarie Schulz, who were given the 5th place. On the next day Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Lessmann repeated their 2nd place in the Senior III Standard competition, Dirk Keller/Heidemarie Schulz improved their result and finished 4th.

In the Senior IV Standard competition Heinrich and Monika Schmitz reached the 3rd place of the rostrum, Wolfgang Drewitz/Eva-Mary Kohn finished 4th while Joachim and Gisela Goetze ranked 5th.

In the Open Latin competition all three German couples reached the final: Viktor Valentin Les/Kristina Breisch finished 3rd, Stefan Tilp/Nicola Niesl 5th and Alexander Horn/Victoria Jäger 6th.

Fabian Wendt/Anne Steinmann won the Adult Standard competition. Christian Lang/Martina Bruhns ranked 2nd in the Senior I Standard competition, Timo und Isabell Verhoeven 6th.

The final of the Senior II Latin competition completely consisted of German couples:

1. Thomas Schlehufer/Natalie Pickshaus-Jonscher
2. Marc Becker/Nicole Giersbeck
3. Ralf and Iris Pernat
4. Martin Ridder/Petra Kirsten
5. Holger and Birgit Staub
6. Michael Piontek/Stephanie Piontek-Schleising

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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