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Standard and Latin

Results from the Netherlands and Italy

“The wooden shoe” is a traditional competition in Noordhoek, Netherlands. Traditionally, a lot of DTV couples take part in the neighbour’s competitions.

Sonja Schäufler

The final of the Senior I Latin competition was dominated by the German couples: Michael Klinkhammer/Miriam Perplies finished 2nd, Marlin Hötting/Freia Schwertfeger 3rd, Benjamin Eiermann/Tina Zettelmeier 4th and Robert Kovarik/Sandra Caspers 5th.

Rene and Heike Seyboth ranked 3rd in the Senior II Standard competition, Knut and Antje Wichmann reached the 4th place. In the semi-final Ralf and Stella Lämmermeier were given the runners-up place 7 in front of Stefan and Inge Kolip were placed 8th.

In the Senior III Standard competition half of the final consisted of DTV couples: Jens and Meike Wolff finished 2nd, Wolfgang Koschier/Birgit Fehrmann-Koschier 4th, Oliver Luthardt/Anne Hinz 5th and Wolfgang Walter/Ilse von Beyer 6th. The semi-final was dominated by the German couples as well: Dirk Keller/Heidemarie Schulz ranked 9th, Franz-Josef and Lioba Kirchhoff were given the 10th place together with Raymond and Martine Wiedemann. Olaf Paul/Christi Renno-Paul ranked 12th.

At the same time Horst and Patricia Beckmann were successful in Olbia, Italy: They finished 6th in the final of the Senior II Standard competition in Sardinia.

Razvan Dumitrescu/Jacqueline Joos were dancing as well in Olbia. They reached the final of the International Open Latin competition and finished 3rd.

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