Results from Greece, Italy and Russia

Standard und Latein

Results from Greece, Italy and Russia

In Alassio (Italy), Kavala (Greece) and in Sochi (Russia) competitions took place the past weekend. From all three locations great results can be reported:

Alassio, Italy: Lars-Erik Pastor / Natalia Szypulska were recalled into the final of the WDSF International Open Latin competition. They finished sixth in a final of seven. At Senior I Standard two couples finished on the medal ranks: Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz were runners-up, Roland Tines / Heidrun Puskas third.

Kavala, Greece: At the WDSF World Open Latin competition, two DTV couples were recalled into the final: Marek Bures / Anastasia Khadjeh-Nouri were third, followed by Artur Balandin / Anna Salita on the fourth place. At the Standard competition, Fabian Wendt / Anne Steinmann finished fourth. Senior Standard: Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher won the competition, Christian and Veronika Schauer finished sixth.

Sochi, Russia: At the International Open Latin competition in the host city of the Olympics 2014, Zsolt Cseke Sandor / Malika Dzumaev were placed third.

by Peter Chen Uhr

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