Ranking list win for Dumitrescu / Joos

Standard und Latein

Ranking list win for Dumitrescu / Joos

International results of the weekend

Razvan Dumitrescu / Jacqueline Joos won WDSF International Open Latin in Varna, Bulgaria

On the following day, they danced the World Open Latin competition in Bucharest, Romania and were the best German couple, finishing eigth in the semifinal. Carsten and Alexandra Petsch danced in Bucharest in the final of Senior I Standard and finished fifth.  

At the same time, Lars Erik Pastor / Natalia Szypulska were recalled into the final of the International Latin competition in Ljubljana, Slovenia. They finished fifth in a final of seven. At the Junior II Latin Christian Holweg / Anna-Marie Starikova finished sixth in the final, while Maik Zimmer / Aeline Kastalion were next to the final, finishing seventh. Three couples representing Germany danced in the final of Senior I Latin: Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher (third), Dirk and Fabienne Regitz (fourth) and Stefan and Sandra Kohlbecher (sixth). At Senior II Dirk and Fabienne Regitz finished third, followed by Marc Becker / Nicole Giersbeck on the fourth place.

Frederick Rösler / Janine Rusher continued their successes also in Standard, at the Senior I Standard competition they were runners-up. Konstantin and Corina Maletz finished fourth at Senior II Standard.

by Peter Chen Uhr

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