Ranking competition Amateur S Standard

Standard und Latein

Ranking competition Amateur S Standard

Segatori/Sudol leading high quality field


The ranking competition in the Boston-Club Düsseldorf was well attended: Among the 26 couples taking part in this competition eight are raking among the best twelve couples in the German ranking list. According to this fact semi-final and final was a real pleasure for the audience.

Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol received all ones, were dancing competently and could not be disturbed by anything or anyone. The further places were also clearly distributed. Anatoliy Novoselov/Tasja Schulz-Novoselov finisched 2nd unchallenged in front of Daniel Radu/Anne Weber.

Text: Ronald Frowein


  1. Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (5)
  2. Anatoliy Novoselov/Tasja Schulz-Novoselov, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (10)
  3. Daniel Radu/Anne Weber, Braunschweiger TSC (15)
  4. Dominik Stöckl/Katharina Belz, TSZ Stuttgart-Feuerbach (20)
  5. Bogdan Ianosi/Stefanie Pavelic, TD TSC Düsseldof Rot-Weiß (27)
  6. Fabian Wendt/Anne Steinmann, TC Spree-Athen Berlin (28)

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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