PD German Cup


PD German Cup

The ball with the integrated German Cup competitions in latin and standard for the professionals was a great success. Apart from various little shows – among them a classic rumba performed by Ralph and Olga Müller – the audience was curious about the professional dancers.

Award ceremony German Cup PD Latin (Photo: Lothar Pothfelder)

The first competition was the German Cup Standard. five couples presented theirselves, danced a final and enthused the audience – particularly Benedetto Ferruggia/Claudia Köhler, the multiple world champions. Whether during the presentation, the final or the freestyle shows – the hall quaked. As honor dance for the victory Benedetto and Claudia showed a tango at its best. It can be seen at the Facebook site of the DTV PD.

1. Benedetto Ferruggia/Claudia Köhler, TSC Astoria Stuttgart
2. Jan Willem Moster/Kendra Kraus, Niederlande
3. Heinz-Josef und Aurelia Bickers, TSC Rödermark
4. Dr. Günther und Antje Nagel, TSC Grün-Gold Speyer
5. Matthias Schoof/Anja Eilers-Schoof, TSA Creativ im GVO Oldenburg

After a break, that the audience used to dance, too, the latin competition started as well with the single presentation of the couples. After another dancing round for the audience the couples showed the classic danced final. The great performance of all couples caused thunderous ovations. After the freestyle presentation the tension was electrifying. Like in Dresden Pavel Pasechnik/Marta Arndt could win this competition, Kirill Ganopolsky/Kim Pätzug finished 2nd.

1. Pavel Pasechnik/Marta Arndt, TSC Rot-Weiss Karlsruhe
2. Kirill Ganopolsky/Kim Pätzug, TSC Saltatio Neustadt im TV 1860 Mußbach
3. Frank Zegels/Laura Jottay, Niederlande
4. Michele Cantanna/Maria Richter, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen
5. Michal Miniewicz/Nastazja Szypulska, Polen
6. Marvin Nigg/Claudia Obmascher, Österreich

(Text: Lothar Pothfelder)

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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