North Regional Championships 10 Dance

Standard und Latein

North Regional Championships 10 Dance

The clubhouse of the TSA im VfL Pinneberg hosted the North Regional Championships of the five Northern States. The decision to not host the competition in the big Rübekamphalle proofed to be right.

Therefore a full house and a great atmosphere was ensured, although only 18 couples danced in three classes. The competition of the seniors had to be cancelled since only two couples entered.

In Junior II B eight couples danced, which was the biggest competition of that day. By winning all dances, Pawel Pastuchow / Angelina Gensrich from Bremen were the champions. They were already in the final at the German Championship Junior II B Latin two weeks before.

  1. Pawel Pastuchow / Angelina Gensrich, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (10)
  2. Alexander Richter / Julietta Moock, Braunschweig Dance Company (22)
  3. Andreas Bergen / Katharina Scharova, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (33)
  4. Thoralf Schmitz / Paulina Reddemann, Braunschweig Dance Company (45)
  5. Philipp Vovk / Julia Wilhelm, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (49)
  6. Albin Pllana / Laura Ahting, Club Céronne im ETV Hamburg (51)

In the Youth section five couples danced a final straight away. Again a couple from Bremen, Thomas Gabriel Vanyi / Christina Gidikas, won the competition by being placed first in all 10 dances.

  1. Thomas Gabriel Vanyi / Christina Gidikas, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (10,5)
  2. Marcel Schumann / Anja Schumann, TSC Nordlicht Rostock (26)
  3. Joaqin Khadjeh-Nouri / Delia Frese, TSC Astoria Norderstedt (33,5)
  4. Erwin Schleining / Nadja Spalek, TSA d. SVE Hamburg von 1880 (37)
  5. Wladislaw Zingrosch / Elisabeth Knol, TSA d. TV Jahn Delmenhorst von 1909 (43)

In the Adult category, there were also five couples dancing in a final. Here, there was also no need for a first round. Clearly defending their last years’ title were Linus Holm Foged / Alina Mißfeldt, who received 46 out of 50 first places.

  1. Linus Holm Foged / Alina Mißfeldt, TTC Savoy Norderstedt (10)
  2. Thomas Jauerneck / Melanie Heider, TC Seestern Rostock (29)
  3. Joshua Khadjeh-Nouri / Jadzia Khadjeh-Nouri, TSC Astoria Norderstedt (34)
  4. Tim Bersheminski / Maria Privalova, 1. TSZ im Turn-Klubb zu Hannover (35)
  5. Luca Ciavaglia / Magdalena Horyn, TTC Savoy Norderstedt (42)

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by Peter Chen Uhr

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