Nils Richter/Nadja Kapitza European Champions Discofox


Nils Richter/Nadja Kapitza European Champions Discofox

Benjamin and Anastasia Zentz runner-ups

In the south of France, St. Romaine n Gal, close to Lyon, the IDO European Championship Discofox and Salsa took place. Traditionally, the majority of the couples taking part in Discofox were German, in the Salsa competition four German couples took part.

Benjamin and Anastasia Zentz (Photo: Mock)

Five nations were present in this European Championship, 15 couples were taking part, 8 couples for Germany. Four couples of the TAF Germany reached the final. With Nils Richter/Naja Kapitza (Hildesheim) we have a new German couple at the international Discofox top. They asserted themselves against the international competitors and are now the new European Champions. The silver medal also went to TAF Germany, Benjamin and Anastasia Zentz (Neunkirchen) were happy about the runner-up place. The 5th place was given to Christopher Mettken/Marie-Luise Planert (Mühlheim a.d. Ruhr), Nick Winkelmann/Katharina Nack (Hannover) 6th.

In the European Championships Salsa 61 couples took part, four couples were representing TAF Germany. Only Maksin Osetrov/Stefania Cosma (Brühl) reached the quarter-final as best German couple. They finished with a 19th place. From the semi-final on, the Italian couples, who traditionally dominate the Salsa competitions, were on their own.

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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