New German Champions Juniors I B Latin

Standard und Latein

New German Champions Juniors I B Latin

35 couples competed this Saturday noon in Berlin. The semi final was filled with couples from 5 different federal states, but in the final, there were only two couples each from Bremen, Nordrhein-Westphalen and Baden-Württemberg.

David Jenner/Elisabeth Tuigenov started on place three in Samba, but beat the others in the remaining dances and won the cup.

You can find the complete results here.

  1. David Jenner/Elisabeth Tuigenov
  2. Maik Zimmer/Adeline Kastalion
  3. Marco Ziga/Xenia Stubert
  4. Fabian Glatz/Delia Breitmaier
  5. Markus Mütt/Kathrin Klass
  6. Leon Spiess/Giuliana Holub

by Kristina Scibor Uhr

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