National Cup Amateur A Latin

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National Cup Amateur A Latin

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Alexander Tyshchenko/Erika Matej are the names of the winner of the National Cup Amateur A Latin that took place in the Boston-Club Düsseldorf with 42 couples starting. The couple convinced the majority of the jury right from the beginning, won four of the five dances in the final and so put themselves at the top of a field in which couples from Kiel to Munich were dancing.

The cha-cha won the runners-up Roman Kim/Marisa Iglesias den Haan that had a clear advance to the winner of the bronze medal Robin Goldmann/Daniela Dörflinger. The remaining places were given to the other couples with extremely mixed marks. (Text: Ronald Frowein)

  1. Alexander Tyshchenko/Erika Matej, 1. TGC Redoute Koblenz und Neuwied (6)
  2. Roman Kim/Marisa Iglesias den Haan, Tanzen in Kiel (9)
  3. Robin Goldmann/Daniela Dörflinger, Gelb-Schwarz-Casino München (16,5)
  4. Nikita Goncharov/Alina Siranya Muschalik, TSA im VfL Pinneberg (22,5)
  5. Leon Falke/Anastasia Shishkina, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (23)
  6. Andreas Sopov/Laura Beichel, TSV Diamant Limburg (28)

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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