Michael Wenger/Jekaterina Perederejeva retiring


Michael Wenger/Jekaterina Perederejeva retiring

Michael Wenger and Jekaterina Perederejeva have ended their career as active competition dancers. In their writing to the management committee they are thanking all the people that have been accompanying them along their way: “It has been a wonderful, exciting and successful time for us in the Professional Division. Of course we would like to take the chance to thank everybody that has been accompanying us on that beautiful path.”

They are thanking their families, their coaches and sponsors as well as the management committee of the DTV Professional Division. Their writing also says: “We are especially proud of having reached the final of the European Championship Standard being the German runner-up. Also in the section freestyle we could participate in various finals of European and World Championships that we could crown with the bronze medal at the European Championship. We had an amazing time with all of you! Thank you for everything.”

Michael Wenger and Jekaterina Perederejeva will continue being part of Tanzsport Deutschland and the PD as coaches and judges.

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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