Junior II: Kuzmichenko / Hafez win Standard competition

Standard und Latein

Junior II: Kuzmichenko / Hafez win Standard competition

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

Last year’s Ranking List competition of Junior II Standard saw a low number of participants with only 31 couples. This year saw an addition of 12 couples to a total number of 43 couples.

Only one couple of last year’s final was recalled into the final again. Raphael Lindner / Kimberly Koparanova defended their sixth place successfully. The fifth and the fourth place went clearly to Sven Rosanski / Anastasia Konor and Christian Holweg / Anna-Marie Starikova. It was a close decision between the second and the third place. Egor Ionel / Rita Schumichin secured the runners-up in the Viennese Waltz ahead of Daniel Lepski / Juliane Aschenbrenner. For a good performance Efrem Kuzmichenko / Samira Hafez were placed first in all five dances.

  1. Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez, btc Grün-Gold der Turngemeinde in Berlin 1848 (5)
  2. Egor Ionel/Rita Schumichin, Art of Dance, Köln (12)
  3. Daniel Lepski/Juliane Aschenbrenner, ATC Blau-Gold in der TSG 1845 Heilbronn (13)
  4. Christian Holweg/Anna-Marie Starikova, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (20)
  5. Sven Rosanski/Anastasia Konor, Askania - TSC Berlin (25)
  6. Raphael Lindner/Kimberly Koparanova, Tanzsportgemeinschaft Bavaria, Augsburg (30)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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