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Haugut defend German Cup Champion Senior IV S title

Karl-Heinz and Gabriele Haugut (Photo: Bayer)

63 couples danced in the most northern state in the German Cup Senior IV S Standard

Peter Chen

Prize presentation Senior IV S (Photo: Bolcz)

After 51 couples last year, the number of participants was again on the level of 2014.

Into the final, two new couples were recalled to join last years‘ finalists. Karl-Heinz and Gabriele Haugut defended their title. After a fourth place last year, Heinrich and Monika Schmidt moved up two places and were runners-up ahead of Hans-Georg and Barbara Strunk. Rainer and Eiko Tesch finished fourth in their first entry, ahead of Dr. Hans-Wolfgang and Angelika Scheuer, who moved up one rank, as well as Joachim and Gisela Götze, who were next to the final the year before.

1. Karl-Heinz and Gabriele Haugut, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (5)
2. Heinrich and Monika Schmitz, TSC Grün-Gelb Erftstadt (13)
3. Hans-Georg and Barbara Strunk, VTG Grün-Gold Recklinghausen (17)
4. Rainer and Eiko Tesch, Tanz-Club Rotherbaum, Hamburg (19)
5. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang and Angelika Scheuer, TC Rot-Weiss Casino Mainz (21)
6. Joachim and Gisela Götze, TSG Bremerhaven (30)

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