Goldstadtpokal 2016 - World Open Latin

Standard und Latein

Goldstadtpokal 2016 - World Open Latin

Last night, the final of the World Open Latin competition took place. 74 couples had started the competition in the morning, amongst them 12 couples out of the top 28 worldwide.

Three German couples achieved to get into the final and amazed the local audience with their dancing. Maxim Stepanov/Ksenia Rybina reached place six. Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova fought against Marius Andrei Balan/Krystyna Moshenska for the golden medal. In the end, Balan/Moshenska were the victors.

The final:

  1. Marius Andrei Balan/Krystyna Moshenska, Germany
  2. Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova, Germany
  3. Anton Aldaev/Natalia Polukhina, Russia
  4. Guillem Pascual/Rosa Carne, Spain
  5. Timur Yusupov/Sofia Kharina, Russia
  6. Maxim Stepanov/Ksenya Rybina, Germany

by Kristina Scibor Uhr

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