German runners-up winning King´s Cup in Bangkok

Standard und Latein

German runners-up winning King´s Cup in Bangkok

The German runners-up couple in the Latin-American dances, Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova, have been winning the WDSF World Open Latin competition at the 7th King´s Cup in Bangkok (Thailand). The whole German delegation there were happy because of their good results.

On the first day of the weekend event the World Open Standard competition took place. The German runners-up couple, Anton Skuratov/Alona Uehlin, reached the final and finished 4th. The other two DTV couples entered the semi-final in a high quality starting field: Valentin and Renata Lusin ranked 11th and Anatoliy Novoselov/Tasja Schulz 12th.

On Sunday it was the turn of the Latin couples, the starting field (75 couples) was even bigger than the one of the Standard competition the day before (60 couples). For Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova it was a walkover: They did not only get the maximum of crosses in every round, but also got 61 of 65 possible ones in the final. The 3rd place was given to Maxim Stepanov/Ksenya Rybina, Zsolt Sandor Czeke/Malika Dzumaev finished 6th. In the semi-final Evgeny Vinokurov/Christina Luft ranked 11th, Fabian Täschner/Darja Titowa narrowly missed the semi-final and finished 14th.

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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