German National Cup Senior III Standard

Standard und Latein

German National Cup Senior III Standard

Farwick/Voosholz winning Cup

107 couples were starting at noontime in Berlin. Already from the beginning it was clear that there would be a new title holder as the reigning champions of the German National Cup did not take part in the competition. Without a star Bernd Farwick/Petra Voosholz showed already with their first dance their ambitions to the title.

Four of the nine couples with a star qualified for the final. Three of them had already been in the final last year. For Jens and Maike Wolff and Bernd Farwick/Petra Voosholz this already was the sixth round they had to dance which did not have any effect on their performances. Farwick/Voosholz danced outstanding also in the final. After an 11th place last year, Knut and Iris Möller were given the 4th place. Jens and Maike Wolff finished 5th in their first year in this age class. Wolfgang Walter/Ilse von Beyer (6th place) and Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Leßmann (3rd place) reassured their last year´s places. After the 4th place last year, Hans and Petra Sieling this year were remunerated with the silver medal.

  1. Bernd Farwick/Petra Voosholz, TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven
  2. Hans Sieling/Petra Sieling, TSC Fulda
  3. Alexander Hick/Petra-Alexandra Leßmann, TSC Rot-Gold Sinsheim
  4. Knut und Iris Möller, TTC Rot-Weiß Freiburg
  5. Jens und Maike Wolff, Club Saltatio Hamburg
  6. Wolfgang Walter/Ilse von Beyer, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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