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German Cup Senior II 10 Dance – Dirk and Fabienne Regitz

Dirk and Fabienne Regitz (Photo: Bayer)

For the first time, the German Cup Senior II 10 Dance was danced as an individual competition and not together with Senior I.

Peter Chen

Prize presentation German Cup Senior II 10 Dance (Photo: Bolcz)

Dirk and Fabienne Regitz, last years‘ winner in Senior I 10 Dance, won eight of ten dances. They only finished second in Samba and Jive. Therefore, they were ahead of Achim Hobl / Kerstin Hahn, who defended their runners-up position. Michael Beckmann / Bettina Corneli were third ahead of Alexander Doskotz / Svetlana Doskoth-Isupova, who were strong in Latin. Their fifth place from last year was defended by Holger and Sylvia Bernien, followed by new finalists Wendelin Hilt / Heidi Groß.

1. Dirk and Fabienne Regitz, TSA d. TSG 1862 Weinheim (12)
2. Achim Hobl / Kerstin Hahn, TC Rot-Gold Würzburg (24)
3. Michael Beckmann / Bettina Corneli, TGC Rot-Weiß Porz (32)
4. Alexander Doskotz / Svetlana Doskotz-Isupova, S- Dance Club Bielefeld (42)
5. Holger and Sylvia Bernien, TSC Rot-Gold Schönkirchen (47)
6. Wendelin Hilt / Heidi Groß, TSC Melodie Saarlouis mit RR-Abt. (53)

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