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German Champions Juniors II B Latin from Berlin

Four dancers from Berlin reached the final out of 71 couples at the German championship Juniors II B Latin. Only Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez were both from Berlin. Pawel Pastuchow/Juliane Engelke, who were sixth last year, danced for Bremen with new partners this year.

Kristina Scibor

For Efrem and Samira, their dream of becoming German Champions at home came true. They won three dances and beat Juliane and her partner Nikita Gross.

You can find the complete results here.

  1. Efrem Kuzmichenko/Samira Hafez
  2. Nikita Gross/Juliane Engelke
  3. Christian Holweg/Anna-Marie Starikova
  4. Daniel Lenz/Vanessa Viktoria Gerke
  5. Pawel Pastuchow/Angelina Gensrich
  6. David Jenner/Elisabeth Tuigenov

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