Faustmann / Kley – winners of Senior II

Standard und Latein

Faustmann / Kley – winners of Senior II

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

With 130 couples entering the Ranking List competition Senior II Standard the number was comparable to that of a German Championship. A bigger dance floor was no problem for the couples although particular places were fought for during the various heats. Four of six last year’s finalists were recalled into the final again.

Only seven first placings were missing when Gert Faustmann / Alexandra Kley defended their last year’s title. With many different placings, René and Heike Seyboth secured their runners-up position. Bernhard and Sonja fuss were placed third in four and second in one dance and finished third. Stefan and Ingeborg Kolip improved to the the fourth place. Just one point in the sum of places was between the fifth and the sixth place. In the end, Knut and Antje Wichmann defended their fifth place from 2015, Marko Heller / Anja Heitmann therefore finished sixth.

  1. Gert Faustmann / Alexandra Kley, Blau-Silber Berlin Tanzsportclub (5)
  2. René and Heike Seyboth, TC Rot-Weiß Leipzig (11)
  3. Bernhard and Sonja Fuss, TTC Rot-Weiß Freiburg (14)
  4. Stefan and Ingeborg Kolip, TSC Rot-Weiß Lorsch Bergstrasse (22)
  5. Knut and Antje Wichmann, Braunschweig Dance Company (26)
  6. Marko Heller / Anja Heitmann, TSA d. VfL Geesthacht (27)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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