Faustmann / Kley win Ranking List competition Senior II

Standard und Latein

Faustmann / Kley win Ranking List competition Senior II

77 couples danced in the TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg. Out of them five finalists and five semifinalists of the last German Championship; The Ranking List Competition was danced interchanging with the Rising Star competition of Adults Latin which was offered by the club for the first time.

The Latin competition only had two rounds since only six couples entered. Therefore, after the third round, the Standard couples danced on their own. Six couples were clearly marked into the final, including all five finalists of the last Championship.

By winning all dances, the reigning German Champion Gert Faustmann / Alexandra Kley won, followed by German Runners-up Bernd and Sandra Ketturkat, who received some first placings. Bernhard and Sonja Fuss finished third.

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by Peter Chen Uhr

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