European Championship Standard without German finalists

Standard und Latein

European Championship Standard without German finalists

The European Championship Standard took place in the Polish Wroclaw with 59 couples. Because of the absence of the German top couple, Simone Segatori/Annette Sudol, Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin and Valentin and Renata Lusin were representing Tanzsport Deutschland.

For Valentin and Renata Lusin (TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß) the European Championship ended with the 27th place so that everybody’s hope lay on Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin (TTC München), who easily performed their rounds. The more surprising was the 12th place for the two Munich residents by choice. Not only the fans and tutors travelled along with them did not put a much better result past them.

Final European Championship Standard 2016

  1. Dmitry Zharkov/Olga Kulikova, RUS
  2. Evaldas Sodelka/Ieva Zukauskaite, LIT
  3. Vaidotas Lacitis/Veronika Golodneva, LIT
  4. Francesco Galuppo/Debora Pacini, ITA
  5. Björn Bitsch/Ashli Williamson, DEN
  6. Nikolay Darin/Natalia Seredina, MOL


  1. Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin, TTC München
  2. Valentin und Renata Lusin, TD TSC Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß

Marek Bures/Anastasia Khadjeh-Nouri won the WDSF International Open Latin competition in Wroclaw; 40 couples had taken part.

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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