Efrem Kuzmichenko / Samira Hafez win Junior II Latin

Standard und Latein

Efrem Kuzmichenko / Samira Hafez win Junior II Latin

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

71 couples in Junior II Latin danced the last Ranking List during the Hessen tanzt competition. With closed marking, the result remained unknown until the end, therefore the couples could enjoy the full attention until the prize presentation.

Clear winners were Efrem Kuzmichenko / Samira Hafez. The next ranks were very close to each other. The last dance decided for Christian Holweg / Anna-Marie Starikova as runners-up, Nikita Gross / Juliane Engelke finished third. The following places showed clear results, although the single markings differed a lot. David Jenner / Elisabeth Tuigunov finished fourth, ahead of Kristian Schmuck / Jennifer Bertram and Maik Zimmer / Adeline Kastalion.

  1. Efrem Kuzmichenko / Samira Hafez, btc Grün-Gold der Turngemeinde in Berlin 1848 (5)
  2. Christian Holweg / Anna-Marie Starikova, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (12)
  3. Nikita Gross / Juliane Engelke, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (13)
  4. David Jenner / Elisabeth Tuigunov, Die Residenz Münster (20)
  5. Kristian Schmuck / Jennifer Bertram, TSC Rot-Gold-Casino Nürnberg (25)
  6. Maik Zimmer / Adeline Kastalion, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (30)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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