Early off at the World Championship Youth Standard


Early off at the World Championship Youth Standard

At the World Championship in Kitakiyushu, Japan, 62 couples took part. Being the first time Japan was hosting a World Championship the organizer team did a good job. But in the strong competitive field our two representatives could not establish themselves. Arseni Pavlov/Nicole Balski reached the 47th place, Krisztian Kuljak/Franziska Holweg the 49th place.

The European Champions Paul Rednic/Roxana Lucacio from Romania asserted themselves again this time and won the additional title of the World Champion. Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite from Latvia, 4th of the European Championship, crowded the runners-up European Champions Yahor Boldysh/Polina Mineeva from Belarus to the 3rd place. (Text: Sandra Bähr)

World Championship Youth Standard Kitakiyushu, Japan:

  1. Paul Rednic/Roxana Lucaciu, Romania
  2. Denis Gudovsky/Megija Dana Morite, Latvia
  3. Yahor Boldysh/Ploina Mineeva, Belarus
  4. Pavel Zakharenko/Dana Makarova, Russia
  5. Andrey Kovalev/Veronika Samuolyte, Lithuania
  6. Alessio Formisano/Gioia Giovanatti, Italy

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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