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Standard and Latin

DTV Ranging List Competition Standard in the Boston Club - Day 2

Valentin and Renata Lusin, TD Tansportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß

At the ranking list competition amateur standard exactly a dozen couples started. Valentin and Renata Lusin won this competition well-deserved with the best result possible. The 2nd place was given to Daniel Radu/Anne Weber, the 3rd to Emil-Daniel Leonte/Kristina Limonova, who could reach the 3rd place in all dances. Fabian Wendt/Anne Steinmann ranked 4th, Tobias Soencksen/Angelika Solymosi 5th. The 6th place went to the siblings Joshua and Jadzia Kadjeh-Nouri.

Sonja Schäufler

1. Valentin und Renata Lusin, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß
2. Daniel Radu / Anne Weber, Braunschweiger TSC
3. Emil-Daniel Leonte / Kristina Limonova, Tanzsportzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach
4. Fabian Wendt / Anne Steinmann, TC Spree-Athen Berlin
5. Tobias Soencksen / Angelika Solymosi, TSK Sankt Augustin
6. Joshua Khadjeh-Nouri / Jadzia Kadjeh-Nouri, TSC Astoria Norderstedt

It the Rising Star Senior I Standard competition as well only six couples were taking part. Marc Michaelis/Roksana Zak won all five dances and so the competition. The 2nd place went to Nils Junga/Natalia Scherer, who could get the 2nd place in all dances except the tango. The 3rd place was given to Randall Pitts/ Katja Schlenkermann-Pitts, that could assert themselves impressively in this field as the only A class couple.

1. Marc Michaelis / Roksana Zak, TSA d. 1. SC Norderstedt
2. Nils Junga / Natalia Scherer, Braunschweig Dance Company
3. Randall Pitts / Katja Schlenkermann-Pitts, TSC Grün-Weiß Aquisgrana Aachen
4. Falk Thomas / Sabrina Bisaccia, Tanzsportzentrum Wetter-Ruhr
5. Alexander Barthel / Annett Neumann, TSC Excelsior Dresden
6. Jochen Nölle / Tatjana Flohr, Tanzsportclub Dortmund

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