danceComp 2016 - day 3

Standard und Latein

danceComp 2016 - day 3

Also from the third day of the danceComp various couples representing Germany were recalled into the final. The final of the World Open Latin competition with the win by Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova was the perfect conclusion of the three days in Wuppertal, where people were not only heated by the temperatures but also by the UEFA European Championship.

Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova - Foto: Bob van Ooik

Timur Imametdinov and Nina Bezzubova - Foto: Bob van Ooik

WDSF World Open Latin
Gold for Imametdinov / Bezzubova

It was loud again in the end. Few but nevertheless very enthusiastic viewers saw a great final with two winners showing their best performance. By winning all five dances, German Vice Champions Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova from Pforzheim finished on top of the field and proofed that they are well prepared for the European Championship the coming week. Runners-up were Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina from Russia. Artur Balandin / Anna Salita from Bochum finished third. 99 couples representing 25 countries danced the competition.

1. Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (5)
2. Anton Aldaev / Natalia Polukhina, Russia (10)
3. Artur Balandin / Anna Salita, T.T.C. Rot-Weiß-Silber Bochum (15)
4. Jokubas Venckus / Migle Klupsaite, Lithuania (22)
5. Alexandr Shmonin / Maria Kolmakova, Russia (24)
6. Vito Coppola / Kristina Garifullina, Italy (29)

Thorsten Zirn and Sonja Schwarz - Foto: Bob van Ooik

WDSF Open Senior I Standard
Second dC bronze medal for Zirm / Schwarz

Four out of six finalists of the last World Championship danced the penultimate final of the 13th danceComp in the big hall of the historic City Hall of Wuppertal. One of the last gold medals went to the Runners-up of the last World Championship Senior I Stndard, Michal Mladek / Sarka Hesova, who finished first in all five dances. Runners-up were the Balogh Csongor / Anita Szabo from Hungary, fourth in the last World Championship. German Champions and bronze medalist of the last World, Thorstn Zirm / Sonja Schwarz could defend their last years’ placing and finished again third at the danceComp.


1.Michal Mladek / Sarka Hesova, Czech Republic (5)
2. Balogh Csongor / Szabo Anita, Hungary (10)
3. Thorsten Zirm / Sonja Schwarz, TSZ Blau-Gold Casino, Darmstadt (15)
4. Ignazio Grignani / Ilaria Gianfranchi, Italy (21)
5. Zdenek Pribyl  / Lenka Pribylova, Czech Republic (24)
6. Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spain (30)

 Dirk and Fabienne Regitz - Foto: Robert Panther

WDSF Open Senior II Latin
Double win for Spain

Already on early Sunday morning, 46 couples of the Senior II Latin started their competition. Roberto Hernandez / Beatriz Perez from Spain won it, followed by their fellow countrymen Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez / Lourdes Dominguez Guilera. The bronze medal went to Dirk and Fabienne Regitz of the TSA d. TSG 1862 Weinheim. Ludovic Laczkowki / Patricia Dore from France finished fourth, ahead of Jean-Hugues Henneghien / Eun-Sook Scherf from Belgium. Markus Völker / Wilhelmine Wolff from TD Düsseldorf Rot Weiss were happy to be recalled into the final and finished sixth.


1. Roberto Hernandez / Beatriz Perez, Spain
2. Francisco Javier Otamendi Fenandez / Lourdes Dominguez Guilera, Spain
3. Dirk and Fabienne Regitz, TSA d. TSG 1862 Weinheim
4. Ludovic Laczkowski / Patricia Dore, France
5. Jean-Hugues Henneghien / Eun-Sook Scherf, Belgium
6. Markus Völker / Wilhelmine Wolff, TD Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß 


WDSF Open Senior IV Standard
Win for World Champion

‚We have a final with two nations‘, the Compere Daniel Reichling announced the final of Senior IV Standard at the 13th danceComp. Four couples from Italy and two from the Netherlands shared the floor in the big hall. Their competition started with 51 couples. In the end, reigning World Champion Luciano Ceruti / Rosa Nuccia Cappello won by being placed first in four dances. The Quickstep was shared between them and Worlds runners-up Alessandro Barbone / Patrizia Flamini, also representing Italy. The third place went to Bram and Ans Stelling from the Netherlands.

1. Luciano Ceruti / Rosa Nuccia Cappello, Italy (5.5)
2. Alessandro Barbone / Patrizia Flamini, Italy (9.5)
3. Bram Stelling / Ans Stelling, Netherlands (15)
4. Ezio Polidori / Liliana De Barbieri, Italy (22)
5. Giuseppe Iannazzi / Silvana Uzzoli, Italy (26)
6. Jaap Willemstein / Marianne Willemstein, Netherlands (27)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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