danceComp 2016 – day 2

Standard und Latein

danceComp 2016 – day 2

further successes for German couples

Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol as well as Michael and Beate Lindner won their competitions. Various other couples representing Germany danced in the finals of the second day of the danceComp as well.

OWT Award to William Pino Foto: Hey

OWT Award to William Pino

In a very personal Laudation, Dr. Thomas Kokott introduced this years’ recipient of the OWT award. An emotional William Pino, longterm friend and companion of the late National Trainer Oliver Wessel-Therhorn (†2010), received the cup by Horst Beer (National Trainer Latin). Norbert Jung, president of the North Rhine-Westphalia Dancesport Federation, presented the certificate of honour.

Michael and Beate Lindner. Photo: Hey

WDSF Open Senior III Standard
Another gold medal for World Champions Lindner

From the first step on, Michael and Beate Lindner dominated this competition. The current World Champion didn’t only win another gold medal but were also the crowd’s favourites. By winning all dances, they finished ahead of 114 other couples. Runners-up of the World Championship Jouko and Helja Leppala finished second as well in Wuppertal. It was a close competition between Bernd Farwick / Petra Voosholz and World finalists Jari and Anne Redsven. Skating Rule 10 was needed to place Farwick / Voosholz third.


1.Michael Lindner / Beate Lindner, TSZ Blau-Gold Casino, Darmstadt (5)
2. Jouko Leppala / Helja Leppala, Finland (11)
3. Bernd Farwick / Petra Voosholz, TSC Ems-Casino Blau-Gold Greven (17)
4. Jari Redsven / Anne Redsven, Finland (17)
5. Andrey Kukk / Anna Berezina, Russia (26)
6. Roberto Furlan / Daniela Sattin, Italy (29)

Vinzenz Dörlitz / Albena Daskalova, Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (Foto: Bob van Ooik)

WDSF Open Rising Star Latin
Gold for Russia

55 couples danced the WDSF Open Rising Star Latin competition in the early evening, six of them were recalled into an exciting final. By winning all dances, Artashes Oganian / Anastasia Shkarpetko from Russia were ahead of the field. Vinzenz Dörlitz / Albena Daskalova from Düsseldorf were placed second in three dances, enough for them to secure the runners-up position. Vincenzo Termini / Elisa De Belardini from Italy finished third.


1. Artashes Oganian / AnastasiaShkarpetko, Russia (5)
2. Vinzenz Dörlitz / Albena Daskalova, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (12)
3. Vincenzo Termini / Elisa De Belardini, Italy (15.0)
4. Lars Olav Eltervaag / AlexandraCiosinska, Norway (21.0)
5. Vitali Nestsiarovich / EkaterinaTolmacheva, Belarus (22.0)
6. Tim Puts / Peia Prawiro-Atmodjo, Netherlands (30)

Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (Foto: Bob van Ooik)

WDSF World Open Standard
All first placings to Segatori / Sudol

94 couples representing 18 countries entered the WDSF World Open Standard competition. Couples representing four countries were recalled into the final. Already in the quarter final, the couples showed Standard dancing at its very best and wowed the audience in the Cityhall of Wuppertal. With a great performance, the competitions’ favourite, Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol from Stuttgart took all first placings. A double win for Germany was completed by Anton Skuratov / Alona Uehlin from Munich. Tomas Fainsil / Violetta Posmetnaya from Lithuania finished third. The viewers in Wuppertal were excited when Valentin and Renata Lusin were recalled into this prestigious final where they finished sixth.


1. Simone Segatori / Annette Sudol, TSC Astoria Stuttgart (5)
2. Anton Skuratov / Alena Uehlin, TTC München (10)
3. Tomas Fainsil / Violetta Posmetnaya, Lithuania (16)
4. Pasquale Farina / Sofie Koborg, Denmark (20)
5. Artem Terekhov / Anna Aseeva, Russia (24)
6. Valentin Lusin / Renata Lusin, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (30)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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