danceComp 2016 - day 1

Standard und Latein

danceComp 2016 - day 1

Successes of German couples

Already on the first day, many German couples were recalled into the finals. In the following, the results of the first day of the 13th danceComp in the Historische Stadthalle (Historic Cityhall) Wuppertal:

Krüger/Hoffmann Foto: van Ooik

WDSF Open Senior I Latin
dC Silver medal for Hoffmann / Krüger

43 couples representing 10 countries entered the WDSF Open Senior I Latin competition. The last final of the day was won by Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya from Spain, by being placed first in three dances (Samba, Rumba and Jive). Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger representing TSC Excelsior Köln won the Cha Cha and the Paso Doble and were runners-up. The bronze medal went to Valentino Esposito / Laura Zaccagnino from Italy.

1.Ruben Viciana Lopez / Eva Moya, Spain (7)
2.Andreas Hoffmann / Isabel Krüger, TSC Excelsior Köln (10)
3.Valentino Esposito / Laura Zaccagnino, Italy (15)
4.Michael Horstmann / Denise Heller, Belgium (18)
5.Carlos Cirera / Eva Nieto, Spain (26)
6.Paolo Croce / Petra Kaskova, Italy (29)

Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley Foto: van Ooik

WDSF Open Senior II Standard
dC-bronze for Faustmann / Kley

199 couples entered the Senior II competition which lasted almost 12 hours. In the seventh round there were seven couples representing three couples: four from Italy, two from Germany and one from France. Again, the winning couple was World Champion Stefano Bernardini / Stefania Martellini. Since the runners-up of the last World Championship did not enter, Pierre Payen / Isabelle Reyjal took the silver medal, ahead of the current German Champion Gert Faustmann / Alexandra Kley. The second German couple in this final, Bernd and Sandra Ketturkat, finished fourth.

1. Stefano Bernardini / Stefania Martellini, Italy (5)
2. Pierre Payen / Isabelle Reyjal, France (10)
3. Gert Faustmann / Alexandra Kley, Blau-Silber Berlin Tanzsportclub (15)
4. Bernd Ketturkat / Sandra Ketturkat, TC Royal Oberhausen (21)
5. Armando Nespoli / Natalia Gualandris, Italy (24)
6. Andrea Rigon / Barbara Remondini, Italy (31)
7. Gaetano Ricciardelli / Lea Miranda, Italy (34)

Grigorij Gelfond / Katarina Bauer Foto: van Ooik

WDSF Rising Star Standard
Successful premiere for Gelfond/Bauer

61 couples representing 11 countries entered the Rising Star Standard competition of the 13th danceComp in Wuppertal at 14.50, the final six were recalled onto the floor at 23.15. Shortly after the results were announced. Marco Sirocchi / Martina Gargano won the gold medal by being placed first in all five dances. What a successful premiere for the new couple Grigorij Gelfond / Katarina Bauer. They were not only recalled into the final but they were also runners-up, one point ahead of the couples from Iceland. Dominik Stöckl / Katharina Belz finished fifth in the Slow Waltz but could move up during the final and finished fourth in the competition.

1. Marco Sirocchi / Martina Gargano, Italy (5)
2. Grigorij Gelfond / Katarina Bauer, TC Blau-Orange Wiesbaden (13)
3. Nicolo Barbizi / Sara Ros Jakobsdottir, Iceland (14)
4. Dominik Stöckl / Katharina Belz, Tanzsportzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach (19)
5. David Martinez Hernandez / Anastasia Jagelovica, Spain (26)
6. Alexander Pavlov / Mie Udesen, Denmark (28)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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