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Standard and Latin

Cantanna/Richter Runners-up World Champions Freestyle Latin

Doga/Ertmer 7th at the World Championship 10-dance

Michele Cantanna/Maria Richter are Runners-up World Champions Freestyle Latin (photo: Roland/WDSF).

In Vienna, Austria, important competition decisions were taken; special highlights were the World Championship in the freestyle section of the Latin-American dances and the World Championship 10-dance.

Sonja Schäufler

Michele Cantanna/Maria Richter reached the silver medal in World Championship Freestyle Latin with their performance “Super Mario”. With this kittenish and humorous show they offered a lighter entertainment than the World Champions Vadim Garbuzov/Kathrin Menzinger, who won the third World Championship Freestyle title at home, the second in Latin, with their performance “I am a Refugee”. With Kirill Ganapolsky/Kim Pätzug we had a second German couple in the final of eight couples. They finished 4th behind the Italian couple Zingarelli/Campana.

At the World Championship 10-dance Dima Doga/Sarah Ertmer could not realize their plans. They missed the final and were given the runners-up place 7. After two 4th places at the World Championships in 2014 and 2015 their dream to enter the rostrum this year unfortunately did not come true.

Timur Imametdinov/Nina Bezzubova could gain another victory in a world ranking competition. They left the floor as winner of this WDSF World Open Latin competition in which 93 couples took part. Maxim Stepanov/Ksenya Rubina also reached the final and finished 6th. Two more DTV couples shared the 8th place in the semi-final: Artur Balandin/Anna Salita and Zsolt Sandor Cseke/Malika Dzumaev.

At the World Open Standard competition two DTV couples reached the semi-final out of 89 couples: Valentin and Renata Lusin were placed 8th, Anatoliy Novoselov/Tasja Schulz 9th. At the Youth Latin competition Daniel Dingis/Natalia Velikina reached the final and ranked 7th. Florian Müller/Andrea Rhinow-Conrad were happy about entering the final of the Senior I Latin competition; they finished 6th.

Gert Faustmann/Alexandra Kley ranked 2nd at the Senior II Standard competition, Bernd and Sandra Ketturat were given the 5th place. Peter and Miriam Pfeiffer reached the semi-final (9th place) as well as Bernhard and Sonja Fuss (split 11th place). Knut and Iris Möller ranked 4th at the Senior III Standard competition.

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