Bicker runners-up at the World Championship


Bicker runners-up at the World Championship

Luxembourg was the host country of the World Championship Master Class II of the WDSF Professional Division. In Bertrange 18 couples danced this Open Championship, 13 out of them representing Italy. Heinz-Josef and Aurelia danced in the final and finished second, bringing home the silver medal.

  1. Carlo Wilmer Righero - Manuela Traversi, Italy
  2. Heinz-Josef Bickers - Aurelia Bickers, Tanzsportclub Rödermark
  3. Angelo Costanzo - Roberta Mantovan, Italy
  4. Marino Biglieri - Laura Occhi, Italy
  5. Fabio Motta - Annalisa Cominetti, Italy
  6. Lorenzo Alviano - Simonetta Allegretti, Italy

by Peter Chen Uhr

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