Balan / Moshenska enchanted the audience

Standard und Latein

Balan / Moshenska enchanted the audience

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

A high number of 45 couples entered the Ranking List Competition of Adults S Latin. Since the German Vice Champions Timur Imametdinov / Nina Bezzubova had to withdraw from the competition after the first dance due to health reasons, the expected showdown between them and the German Champions Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska didn’t take place. The audience afterwards enjoyed the show cases of the German Champions.

The judges gave all first placings to the German Champions Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska. Four second places in four final dances were enough for Zsolt Sándor Cseke / Malika Dzumaev for the runners-up position. Evgeny Vinokurov / Christina Luft were their closest rivals, they finished the Paso Doble on the second place, which definitely made their third place shine a little bit more. Fabian Täschner / Darja Titowa finished on a very good fourth place “at home”. After four danced, Vinzenz Dörlitz / Albena Daskalova secured their fifth place ahead of Razvan Dumitrescu / Jacqueline Joos.

  1. Marius-Andrei Balan / Khrystyna Moshenska, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (5)
  2. Zsolt Sándor Cseke / Malika Dzumaev, Grün-Gold-Club Bremen (11)
  3. Evgeny Vinokurov / Christina Luft, Schwarz-Rot-Club Wetzlar (14)
  4. Fabian Täschner / Darja Titowa, Tanzsport Zentrum Heusenstamm (20)
  5. Vinzenz Dörlitz / Albena Daskalova, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (26)
  6. Razvan Dumitrescu / Jacqueline Joos, Schwarz-Weiß-Club Pforzheim (29)

by Peter Chen Uhr

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