Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin winning Copenhagen Open

Standard und Latein

Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin winning Copenhagen Open

More reults! At the WDSF World Open Standard competition within the scope of the Copenhagen Open Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin reached the 1rst place out of 66 couples.

They clearly established themselves against Bjorn Bitch/Ashli Williamson from Denmark, who are currently occupying the 6th place of the world ranking list. Bitch/Williamson could get a tiny lead in the waltz of 0,128 points, but Anton and Alona were clearly winning the remaining four dances and so had a lead of almost 2 points in the end.

In the semi-final Valentin and Renata Lusin ranked 9th as second best couple in this competition.

In the World Open Latin competition Zsolt Sandor Cseke/Malika Dzumaeva also danced into the semi-final. They finished with the 8th place.

Roland Tines/Heidrun Puskas were happy about entering the final of the Senior I Standard competition and their 6th place.

Jens and Maike Wolff finished their competition in the Senior III Standard class as well with the final. They were placed 4th as the only non-Italian couple in that final.

The final of the Senior IV Standard competition had two couples from Germany: Wolfgang Drewitz/Eva-Mary Kohn finished 4th, Hans-Wolfgang and Angelika Scheuer 5th.

Also the little ones were successful: Roman Schmidt/Alexandra Elkin ranked 5th in the childrens competition latin.

by Sonja Schäufler Uhr

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