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An obvious case for Skuratov/Uehlin

Ranking List Hessen tanzt

Anton Skuratov/Alena Uehlin

30 couples of Adult S Standard were the first to find a winner during the Ranking List competitions at Hessen tanzt.

Peter Chen

Six couples were clearly recalled into the final by the judges. Just one first placing was missing to Anton Skuratov / Alena Uehlin who clearly won the competition. Newly crowned 10 Dance Champions Dumitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer received the missing first placing and were runners-up. The third place for Alexandru Ionel / Isabel Tinnis was not that clear: although they finished third in all dances, they had placings between three and six. In the last dance, Daniel Radu / Anne Weber secured their fourth place with one point in the sum of places ahead of Dominik Stöckl / Katharina Belz. Bogdan Ianosi / Stefanie Pavelic were happy about some third placing and finally finished sixth.

  1. Anton Skuratov / Alena Uehlin, TTC München (5)
  2. Dumitru Doga / Sarah Ertmer, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (10)
  3. Alexandru Ionel / Isabel Tinnis, Braunschweig Dance Company (15)
  4. Daniel Radu / Anne Weber, Braunschweiger TSC (22)
  5. Dominik Stöckl / Katharina Belz, Tanzsportzentrum Stuttgart-Feuerbach (23)
  6. Bogdan Ianosi / Stefanie Pavelic, TD Tanzsportclub Düsseldorf Rot-Weiß (30)

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